With extra time on their hands, many people spent the pandemic writing books or poetry as others came up with new inventions. Lisa Ascolese saw an opportunity to put her experience as an inventor to use to support others.

“Even after the world had recovered from its pandemic pause, many aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs were still left wondering how they would take their creation to the next level. For me, this was the opportunity to practice what I preach daily, “Lifting Each Other Up, Two Hands at a Time”. I am fortunate enough to watch and work with others as well as process the beginning stages of inventing. When I had just begun my journey with my first product, the Bun Tie Accessory, I was a working mother and looking for the next step to bring my ideas to the next step, and that helped me on the path to helping other inventors develop hundreds of more ideas.

My frequently asked question is “How do I get started?”

There are so many creative people around us that may have the next big invention, but they just don’t know it yet. I help and encourage future entrepreneurs and inventors to understand the product development process to get their ideas off the ground.

Nobody likes to feel alone or without support and being an entrepreneur is no easy task. It’s a part of the reason I had created this community of inventors and entrepreneurs so we can help each other succeed. It’s a tough business, and when you have help, when you have support, the sky’s the limit.

I virtually host calls on Zoom that are tailored towards motivation. This allows inventors and entrepreneurs to come together to share insight on their new business venture, how far they have come with their invention and how they overcame the challenges of starting up. The calls are a safe space that brings motivation and energy to help encourage attendees’ power through their week. My advice for new entrepreneurs is to reach out to those in a community of inventors or find people who are trying just as hard as you are to reach that next level. There are support groups, Facebook groups, and plenty of resources people can try out so they have that sense of community and support.

Hosting a podcast gives me the opportunity to have a conversation with new and current inventors and entrepreneurs to share their journey on their new venture and how they gained the determination to keep going even when they come across a road block. One of the biggest things anyone can do to move forward is to listen and learn. Whether it’s a podcast, a personality, author, etc., search for what will propel you forward. I administer courses for all clients from A-list celebrities to other gifted individuals who want to make their big ideas the next phenomenon and provide information on product development from patents, trademarks, social media, marketing and so much more.

For over 30 years, I have been successfully launching products from HSN, QVC and big box stores that are everyday products people are using all around the world. My goal is to simply help others create the life they have been wanting from an idea they have had in their notebook for years.

If anyone reading this has a big idea, I encourage you to write in a notebook and bring it everywhere you go – you never know where or when the next invention will be standing right in front of you. Learn from those who have walked this path before and see how they got to where they are today.

This is the time for virtual community and sharing. If you would like to contribute to this ongoing narrative, please send an email to