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Lisa Ascolese

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Lisa Ascolese is the CEO & founder of Inventing A to Z, a 100% black woman-owned business focused on product development from concept to fruition.

Whether it’s prototyping, inventing, or seeking patenting & licensing, Lisa Ascolese helps her clients go from an idea to home shopping networks like QVC, HSN and even her own shopping network, Inventors Spotlight TV. Her clients’ products also frequent retail stores nationwide!

The Inventress has been featured on major networks such as BravoTV & ABC as well as being heard on Sirius XM, iHeart Radio, WOBM, WJRZ, and featured in publications such as Forbes, Black Enterprise Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, & The New York Times.

Lisa was a struggling inventor who had no resources when she started out more than 38 years ago. Today, she has dozens of patents & trademarks. She has been manufacturing & bringing products to QVC & HSN for over 25 years & counting. Lisa has been featured on the cover of “Jenleeion Magazine” and unveiled her billboard in Times Square in 2023.

With a diverse & prolific client roster, featuring corporations such as Sylvania Lighting Co., & Amertac, Lisa remains at the forefront of innovation.


Lisa’s first product was the Bosom Buddy nursing cape. Following that, Lisa was bitten by the inventing bug and went on to develop dozens of patents and products. Most of her personal products have appeared on QVC & HSN, such as the Bun Tie hair accessory, The Wrap and Store Organizer, perfect for wrapping gifts, and The Perfect Pockets Organizer, which generated $6,000 in less than 30 seconds in Bob’s Kitchen on QVC and reinvented it to sell on HSN.

Realizing that product development was a multi-million dollar industry, the Perfect Pockets Organizer sparked additional creative usage ideas.

After mastering marketing her own products into retail, she was inspired to reach higher and broaden the spectrum one product after the next. Today, Lisa’s personal products vary from mother care nursing products, to kitchen organizers, hair accessories and so much more!

Lisa uses her years of experience and expertise to educate others on how they can begin their entrepreneurial journey through various keynote addresses at large-scale events and college campuses across the country.

Host and Founder of Inventor’s Spotlight TV – giving inventors & entrepreneurs an affordable platform to showcase & sell their products again. 100% woman-owned.

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The Association Of Women Inventors And Entrepreneurs “AOWIE” is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa Ascolese, AKA “The Inventress”. Lisa was a struggling inventor who had no resources when she started out to what would be her world of inventing, more than 38 years ago. Today, she has dozens of patents and trademarks. She has been manufacturing products and bringing products to QVC and HSN for 25 years and counting.


Lisa found her way through the peaks and valleys and marched on when times were tough, and cheered with gratitude when there was light. She always had the love and support of her family and friends, but she was entering into a market that very how to navigate through. few knew

In a recent interview Lisa was asked how she moves forward when times get tough, She responded, “I love what I do and quitting is not a fix, nor is it an option. Times get tough no matter what direction you take in life. She said, “God put me on this path to learn the terrain and teach others what I have learned which brings me joy! I’m elated to have taken the path of great resistance because at the end of the day, I appreciate my hard work and my exhale.”

Understanding the difficulties of inventing and entrepreneurship, Lisa was inspired to organize a program that is designed to help women inventors and entrepreneurs reach their goals through mentor ship and financial guidance, she says “it’s all about giving back!”

Lisa has invented, trademarked and patented hundreds of products, to name a few of many.:

Lugeze organizer
Lugeze Bows
Perfect Pockets Organizer
The Wrap and Store organizer
The Bosom Buddy Breast Feeding Cape
Hanger Tights
Shoelace Stays  And the list goes on.

Lisa Ascolese, CEO and founder of Inventing A-to-Z, a product development company used to assist others who have the desire to create and develop their own product(s), is known throughout the industry as The Inventress. She strategically helps her clients from conception to execution. For more than 25 years, she has successfully invented, marketed and launched products on QVC, HSN and ShopNBC. Her high-profile client roster includes icons such as Dionne Warwick, Carla Hall and Tyrese Gibson.

Inventing A to Z

Inventing A to Z

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Inventors Spotlight TV

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"AOWIE" Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs

"AOWIE" Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs

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