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One of my greatest joys of being a mentor, a product agent and most importantly an inventor, is getting to know and work with some of the most genuine, truly creative entrepreneurs out there. Below I feature these amazing entrepreneurs I have recently helped to take their ideas from Concept to Fruition, from a Napkin Idea all the way to the Marketplace and everything in between.

- Lisa Ascolese "The Inventress"

Create A Castle

This unique invention is making a huge impact on the toy industry. Creators Kevin & Laurie Lane wanted to create an easier way to build amazing sand and snow castles, something that could help bring families and allow them to engage in more fun outdoor activities. They took this brilliant problem solving idea and teamed up with “The Inventress” to take this product all the way to QVC and become the 2020 Outdoor Toy Winner of the Year.

Brought to QVC by "The Inventress"



Creator Christopher David had a brilliant idea to solve a problem he had with today’s modern air fresheners. He wanted something more customizable, that you can use in your car and indoors at your home or office. Christopher teamed up with “The Inventress” to take his idea from concept to fruition and now URscent is one of the most creative, problem solving products on the market

Cover Me Clean

What says “problem solving solution” more than a product that’s designed to uphold our sanitary needs, remain environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. Creator Theresa David had just that in mind when coming up with the for Cover Me Clean seat covers. So, Theresa took her idea to “The Inventress” to guide her through the process of inventing and take her product to the marketpace.

Antonias Promise

Creator Antonia Tomao created Antonia’s Promise jewelry as a symbol of our brokenness and a reminder that prayer and our trust in God will help us heal. Antonia teamed up with “The Inventress” to be guided through the inventing and manufacturing process from step A to Z. Now Antonias Promise has launched and hit the marketplace in a big way as a symbol of hope, strength and faith


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