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One of my greatest joys of being a mentor, a product agent and most importantly an inventor, is getting to know and work with some of the most genuine, truly creative entrepreneurs out there. Below I feature these amazing entrepreneurs I have recently helped to take their ideas from Concept to Fruition, from a Napkin Idea all the way to the Marketplace and everything in between.

– Lisa Ascolese “The Inventress”

No more getting pee on your hands when giving a urine sample.
Stay clean with T Stick Assist!

Keep your airport travels hassle-free with Lug-eze! Say goodbye to tedious luggage tag searching. These sleek ties make it effortless to spot your luggage or describe it accurately. Secure your peace of mind with Lug-eze.

Creators Kevin & Laurie wanted to create an easier way to build amazing sand and snow castles. They took this brilliant problem solving idea and teamed up with “The Inventress” to take this product all the way to QVC and become the 2020 Outdoor Toy Winner of the Year.

You’ll never have to sacrifice comfort again. With Sunhead, you can relax in style and security. Whether you’re at the beach, poolside, or just lounging at home, Sunhead has you covered.

Introducing Cuticle-B-Gone, a revolutionary new tool that will change the way you manicure your cuticle.Cuticle-B-Gone gently buffs away dead skin and hang nails, preserving the health and beauty of your nail bed.

This collection of finely crafted unique designs speaks directly to your heart!  Please take a few moments to browse through our breathtaking creations. Any of these items will be a delightful enhancement to your home or office.

Looking for a versatile, personalized solution that can be enjoyed both in your vehicle and at home or work, Christopher joined forces with “The Inventress” to bring his innovation to life. The result of their collaboration is URscent, the innovative answer to your needs.

Antonia’s Promise was created as a symbol of or trust and love in JESUS and a reminder, that with Jesus we can heal and get through anything when we trust in him.

This product was created to safeguard your pocketbook from hazardous pollutants in high-traffic locations such as restrooms or dining rooms. It’s also great for protecting your bag while traveling so it stays clean and serves as an extra level of protection.

We utilized innovative techniques to create a solution for preventing towels from falling off clients during service. Our Snap and Style Towel not only benefits salon professionals, but also meets the demands of individuals in various settings such as work, the gym, or at home. 

Discover Cover Me Clean, the ultimate environmentally safe and user-friendly protective seat and tray covers. Wherever you go – child car seat, airplane seats and trays, public transportation – CMC covers are the perfect solution to shield you from harmful dirt, grime and germs. Harness the power of a reliable protective barrier with Cover Me Clean.