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How many times have you said to yourself, “that’s a great idea for an invention. Someone should invent that thing”, well I say . . .

Why not make it You?

My name is Lisa Ascolese, I am the founder and CEO of “Inventing A-to-Z.” Welcome to my world of inventing. I have been inventing solution oriented products since the age of nine. As an adult, I decided to take my inventing ability to another level by turning my skill into a business.

Since then, I continued to reach out to shopping networks and national retail stores all while inventing, developing and producing amazing products for myself in addition to my clients.

If you are interested in have your product presented by Lisa Ascolese, The Inventress, to one or more national shopping networks, please click the button below and complete the Presentation Information Form and you will be contacted shortly.

There are many creative people among us much like yourself, That invent solutions to problems daily. Unfortunately, most creative people won’t bother to follow Through with producing their own product based on their lack of understanding in the product development process.

The Inventing A-to-Z team can help to make that thought… that billion dollar dream… a reality! At Inventing A-to-Z, we help you to build your product, idea, or invention from concept to fruition, from start to finish, from manufacturing to the market place.

If you are interested in a consultation with Lisa Ascolese, The Inventress, please click the button below and complete the Consultation Information Form and you will be contacted shortly.

Have your product reviewed and highlighted on camera by Lisa Ascolese “The Inventress!”Videos are posted on Youtube for max worldwide exposure.Get your product reviewed TODAY!

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