What is Inventing A to Z?

Lisa Ascolese

Lifting each other up two hands at a time and sometimes… you just have to use your foot!

We are a product development company committed to turning your ideas into successful products through a proven process. Our expertise in taking your product from concept to fruition ensures that everything is done the right way, resulting in a valuable and marketable end product. Trust us to bring your vision to life with quality and precision.

Who is Lisa Ascolese ?

Lisa Is the CEO and Founder of Inventing A to Z. She is not just a business owner, she is an inventor. Lisa has many patents and trademarks of her own, so she understands what it takes to succeed in the inventing arena. If you want to get your product seen, contact Inventing A to Z.

The Inventress Lisa Ascolese, has put products on the top shopping networks in the world as well as preparing her clients to get on Shark Tank QVC, HSN, Shop HQ and her own shopping network, Inventors Spotlight TV www.inventorsspotlighttv.com.